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Gama Abacus


                Gama Abacus is a dynamic learning institution spreaded world wide, dedicated to imparting of abacus, mental arithmetic and memory technique programs. Our aim is to develop and enhance the intellectual skill and enhances the overall academic proficiency. of our children; the next generation of leaders.

                    Gama Brain Development Program was developed by the team headed by Mr. .K .Nagulanathan as its chief executive office and introduced world wide by Gama Mental Arithmetic (P) Ltd. India.. Sky may be the limit to the scope of human brain, but to shape up the human brain, practice and refinement is expedient right from the childhood. Gama Abacus is a tool for that complete brain power development program.

Our Training Improves

                                          Our vision is to make our institution the best in developing and enhancing the intellectual skill of our children and to make them globally competent. We are strongly supported by a team of professionals who are well-qualified and have immense experience. Our all around efforts are directed to create a healthy environment that assists children in fast learning process.




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Memory Techniques

Abacus training


Abacus is an ancient computing methodology developed in China, Japan, Babilonia etc. Wherein students learn to solve mathematical problems using a very simple instrument called ‘abacus’. Abacus is an apparatus used for counting and calculation.

Basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are solved by simple movement of beads in this instrument. This helps the student to develop a pictorial representation of the problem in the brain and by regular practice; the brain learns to solve the problem without actual use of any aid including the abacus. The students thereby develop an exciting photographic memory. The user of an abacus is called an abacist.

Visualiztion -a key factor of Abacus Calculations

            Visualization not only enables winning ability through speed, i.e. less time taken for a calculation but also takes the Abacus user into a mental plane which is a unique move from physical to mental plane.Better visualization process through Indian Abacus – Digital makes photographic memory much stronger. In the mental plane again, when the object is clear, the distraction becomes nil.The abacus calculation through visualization therefore takes the child during the process to a state of total concentration. IndianAbacus – Digital enables stronger focus through better scope to concentrate.

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mental arithematic

mental arithematic.jpg

Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that is solely done by human mind using mental power of performing mathematical calculations mentally by using visualized abacus. We help in accelerating the brain development by giving mental arithmetic practice to children of age group 4 – 14. The mental abilities in children must be developed by the age17 and will have an excellent impact until age 70+.

We have scientifically designed training structure to improve the child’s mental strengths by training them on mental arithmetic as everything revolves around mathematics. Implementation of this methodology is done with the use of Zhusuan or Abacus, by adopting latest application of the technology aiming 360 degree brain development. This will help the children in achieving a sense of understanding towards any subject.






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